Thank you very much for showing interest in onlinetutoria for your brighter future.Before signing up  go through the terms and conditions laid  by onlinetuoria.Even if you skip  this section it is deemed as you have read and agreed for all the terms and conditions. The minimum period for Franchisee  to be taken up  is one year. Franchisee are supposed to have either a Personal  Computer, Laptop, Desktop, Tab or a Smart phone with web cam. The onlinetutoria supports all these methods. Franchisee has to pay   Rs 25000/- per  year.This is non refundable. A Franchisee  can deploy any number of Marketing executives /agents  at their own cost and responsibility.They can also admit Students directly.The commission for admitting candidates will be paid after 30 days provided the Student claims no refund. However ,there is no limit for the maximum number of students can be enrolled.The Franchisee service’s can be terminated at any time for violating the  laid down terms and conditions or for not meeting the standards of onlinetutoria. Each Franchisee   will be allotted a unique number which has to be mentioned by the Marketing Executives/agent/Student  while admitting. Missing this number the Franchisee may be denied of the payment.The Marketing Executive can deploy any number of agents under him for joining the students at their own cost. Onlinetutoria will never authorize anybody to collect cash directly. The terms and conditions may be modified as and when required .

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