What is Onlinetutoria?

Our Onlinetutoria is an Online tutoring platform of education where a teacher provides instruction to students over the internet. This can be done through a Desktop,Laptop or a Smart phone. Our Online tutoring allows for flexibility in scheduling and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. It is also a great option for students who may not have access to a local tutor or for those who prefer to learn in the comfort of their own home at their convenient time and with less cost by saving the time of transport, cost of transport, their valuable time and energy.


How do I access i.e., start using an Onlinetutoria?

You can access an online tutorial by visiting our website, platform, by browsing i.e., typing our website in the Google.



What is fee structure. How much I have to pay fee?

It depends on the requirement of your subject, class, duration.

For further details please visit Courses page in website.

Note: For details of fee, i.e., how much you have to pay, kindly see the attached list of Courses & Fee. Monthly fee should be paid in advance. Fee paid is non-refundable i.e., once paid monthly advance it will not be refunded or adjusted for the next month at any cost. No extra classes for the absent days by the student due to any reason of health/no internet/technical problem etc, but if the teacher is absent due to emergency/no internet/technical problem at the end of the teacher then only definitely extra class will be conducted by the teacher as per the teacher’s convenient time only. On all the other cases it will be treated as HOLIDAY without any extra class by our Onlinetutoria. No argument from student/parent/guardian/family friend, as arguments will not be allowed during the class, if it has happened your class will be cancelled without any notice and will not be allowed to sit in further classes and for this no extra classes or refund of fee will be done by Onlinetutoria at any cost.  So discipline is to be maintained at all times by the student.

What types of courses are available in Onlinetutoria?

There are many types of courses available in our Onlinetutoria, includingall subjects for all classes from I to XII for any board / syllabus of CBSE/ICSE/Any State/IB International Baccaluareae, and more in the due course of time.

Can I learn a new skill from Onlinetutoria?

Yes, many students learnby joining in our Onlinetutoriato understand the subject, learn new skills and improve existing ones.

Is Onlinetutoria effective?

Yes, our Online tutorials is very effective if they are well-used by our valuable students, parents and customers.

Can I get a certification from an Onlinetutoria?

At present No, but after some time i.e., in the due course of time, ourOnlinetutoria offer certifications upon successful completion of the course subject to fulfilling all the terms and conditions of Onlinetutoria which may change from time to time. This certificate is going to be a valuable certificate throughout the life of the student. 

How do I know if an online tutorial is reliable?

You can check the credentials of the instructor, read reviews from other students, and look for evidence of successful outcomes in our website Onlinetutoria is not yet all responsible for the failure of any student in his/her class of  our exams/school final exams, even though we will provide the best coaching.



IsOnlinetutoria interactive?

Yes,our onlinetutorials are interactiveas always live classes only, so that any student can ask his doubt by raising his hand during the class at any time then our highly professional, experienced, qualified teachers will fully clarify the doubts of all the students. Our teachers will motivate and invite the students to ask their doubts, in order to create interest, confidence, knowledge so that our each student will understand the subject fully and definitely will get maximum marks in their exams in order to reach their goals, while other online tuitions are primarily recorded video or written content.


How long do Onlinetutoria typically take to complete?

As per the choice of the student required subject for his/her class, the length of an online tutorial can vary widely, but most are divided into shorter sections that can be completed in a limited time.

Can I pause or rewind an online tutorial?

No, it cannot be paused or rewound because it is a live class. But can be paused only for maximum 15 minutes by getting permission from our Onlinetutoria teacher of the class.

Can I ask questions during an online tutorial?

Yes in our Onlinetuoria in each class student will have a Question &Answer section at any time during the class, where you can ask questions by raising your hand and get answer  fromour teacher on the spot.


Can I take notes during an online tutorial?

Yes, you can take notes for only important points of the topic during our Onlinetutoria each class.

Is onlinetutoria self-paced?

Yes, our Onlinetutoria is self-paced up to some extent in some cases, as per the teacher’s decision in the class, allowing a student to complete every student at his/her own speed, if only one student in the class. But it is not possible in the Grouped class i.e., when students are more than one student.


Is Onlinetutoria accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, our Onlinetutoria can be accessed on  Laptops, mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Can Onlinetutoria help me with my career?

Yes, definitely Onlinetutoria will help in such a way that each student acquire new skills that are relevant to his/her career, or help for his/her studies.


Is Online tutorials suitable for beginners?

Yes, ourOnlinetutoria is designed for beginners and provide a step-by-step approach to learning a new skill.

Can Onlinetutoria be used for home schooling?

Yes, Onlinetutoriais a valuable resource for home schooling and supplementing a student's education. Because our main aim is, during the class all Home Works will be done and all Doubts of the each and every student will be cleared along with basics and concepts by our teacher for the maximum possible extent due to the limited time of the class.

Can Onlinetutoria be used for corporate training?

Yes, in the near future many schools will use our Onlinetutoria for their students Homework, doubts clearing,subject knowledge, skills and professional development.

Are there any limitations to Onlinetutoria?

Some limitations of Onlinetutoria include no internet connection/power failure/ technical problems either from a teacher or student /emergency leave of a teacher/ a lack of student’s interaction, concentration and their need for self-motivation.


Can I share Onlinetutoria with a friend?

Yes definitely, you are welcome to share our Onlinetutoria website  only to your friends, relatives to help them in their education,lso you can earn by sigining up as a Student (Earn while Learn)/Marketing Executive/Franchisee.Opportunities are limitless.


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