Thank you very much for showing interest in onlinetutoria for your brighter future.Students can sign up for Earn while learn under Career tab in the Meue bar   to earn considerable amount by simply forwarding the link given to them to their friends. Any payment made by a student  using this link enables him to a saving of Rs 150 or 10% of the payment whichever is higher.A nd the Student referral link will get Rs 350/- or 23% whichever is higher for every successful payment.The money will be paid after 30 days with in 10 days.  Before signing up or making payment for any of the courses go through the terms and conditions laid  by onlinetuoria. Even if you skip  this section it is deemed as if you have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions. The fee once paid can not be refunded. The fees has to be paid in advance for the chosen course. The minimum period for the course to be paid is one month. Students are supposed to have either a Prsonal Computer, Laptop, Desktop, Tab or  Smartphone. The onlinetutoria supports all thes methods for teaching.The timings choosen has to be strictly followed by the students. If you miss any class due to negligence power failure or internet interruption onlinetutoria does not take any responsibility and the course lost  will not be repeated.However ,if possible arrangements will be made for students to view the recorded  course ,except for the Home  work .All the payments have to be made online through this web site only.Onlinetutoria will never authorize anybody to collect cash directly. Onlinetutoria tries to maintain the same teacher except in an an unavoidable circumstane other teacher may take over. The terms and conditions may be modified as and when required.

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